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Donkeys are an amazing part of God's creation. They are very observant, hardy, and useful in many ways. The females bond with each other, especially their daughters and smaller animals that they can protect. Job had 500 donkeys. Jesus chose to make his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Balaam's donkey was both wise and faithful when she saved his life. You can read their feeling by looking at their ears. If they are standing strait up, you can see that they are alert and observant. If one ear is up and the other is sticking straight out you can be sure that they are confused. If both ears are drooping down and out you can tell that they are sad, usually when they are wet and cold. They have more personality than a horse. They are stronger pound for pound, and you can see the love in their big beautiful eyes. If you have a few acres of land, or goats, calves, or sheep to protect, then you need a hand fed, gentle "Guard Donkey."

Type of Donkey
Young, tame males $75.00
Jerusalem Stripe Female Guard Donkeys $300.00
Black and White Female Guard Donkeys $350.00
Extra tame Female Guard Donkeys that are ready to be ridden and trained $400.00
Spotted Male Stud, Breeding Donkeys $500.oo

Gray  |  Black  |  Gray/Jerusalem Cross  |  White  |  Spotted

Gray Donkeys

Clem Kadiddlehopper

     Clem Kadiddlehopper

This donkey is eight years old (Our dear crippled male who doesn't know that he is crippled.) He is our pet with a great disposition. He is looked up to as the lead donkey by the other donkeys. He is not for sale, but has fathered four that should have his good disposition.


         Clem Kadiddlehopper Clem Kadiddlehopper Clem Kadiddlehopper


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Bonnie, six years old (she has had two baby boys)


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PrincesaPrincesa, two years old (The most loving of all. She will follow you around the ranch, stick her head in through the pickup window and hug you.)






          Princesa Thumbnail Princesa Thumbnail Princesa Thumbnail

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Dixie is two years old







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Ada two years old







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Bell two years old







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Black Donkeys



PrietaPrieta, is eighteen months old (She and her best friend Chocolate were Clyde's daughters and were born on the same day. Their mothers Tamisha and Medisha were also best friends) Female donkeys maintain strong bonds throughout their lifetime. She is slightly darker.






        Prieta Prieta Thumbnail Prieta Thumbnail

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The same as Prieta except more of a dark brown


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Hershey seven months old some white on her chest


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Snicker seven months less white on her chest


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Gray/Jerusalem Cross



TamishaTamisha, four years old with a wider stripe






          Tamisha Tamisha

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MedishaMedisha four years old with a narrow stripe





        Medisha Thumbnail Medisha Thumbnail

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Milky Way


Milky WayMilky Way nine months old more black on ears




          Milky Way Thumbnail Milky Way Thumbnail

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M & M


M & M eight months old less black on ears


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Chocolate Drop


Chocolate DropKiss smaller six months old







        Chocolate Drop thumbnail Chocolate Drop thumbnail


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White Donkeys

Snow Flake


Snow FlakeSnow Flake six years old





         Snow Flake Thumbnail Snow Flake Thumbnail Snow Flake Thumbnail


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Blanca four years old


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BlizzardBlizzard four years old







        Blizzard thumbnail 1 Blizzard Thumbnail 2


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Spotted Donkeys



MochaMocha three years old




      Mocha Mocha Thumbnail Mocha Thumbnail

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Milk Chocolate


Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate seven months old





        Milk Chocolate thumbnail Milk Chocolate Thumbnail 2


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